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27th Feb 2024

Simplifying dishes & dish routines - listener question!

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Decluttering Simplified

Listen in as I share my ever-evolving journey with daily household chores, specifically the dishwashing routine that has shifted to accommodate my family's current work-from-home and schooling dynamic. I explore how life's different seasons demand flexibility in our routines, and I'll walk you through our current dish cycle which includes a nightly reset by my diligent 12-year-old son, a strategic midday run, and my morning unloading ritual. I also stress the importance of having a manageable number of dishes to keep the kitchen chaos at bay and how sustainable practices can be achieved through self-correcting habits, such as avoiding disposable paper plates.

Moving from the kitchen to the entryway, I offer insights on organizing shoes and beauty products, especially for those with large families. You'll get a glimpse into my personal approach to managing footwear for my family of six, where each person is allocated a daily pair and a seasonal pair to minimize clutter. I also talk about how we handle the allure of adorable, non-essential shoes for the little ones, balancing indulgences with spatial and financial realities. For more tailored solutions, I highlight the creative ideas from the Motherhood Simplified group, underlining the benefits of intentional purchases and storage solutions. Tune in for these practical tips that could revolutionize the way you manage your household's daily grind.

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